""You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -- Wayne Gretzky"" --Michael Scott

Welcome to my new blog!

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

This is my new blog. I had this offline for a few years due to simply not having enough time to do anything with it.

I created this completely in CraftCMS 3.6. It's simple to use, easy to maintain, and a breeze to customize. Expect some blog posts from me as I continue to learn and expand.

If you follow me for whatever reason, you may have noticed that I am no longer on any social media platforms. I deleted Facebook about 4 years ago, LinkedIn 2 years ago, and most recently I left Twitter. I decided to not participate in online activities that waste my time while simultaneously make me angry. Watching the hate, prejudice, and constant arguing was too much for me. I now use this blog as my outlet to share things that interest me. Hopefully you will find it helpful and informative.

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