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MagentoU – 5 years ago today

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Five years ago today I attended the MagentoU class at Magento HQ in Culver City, California. It was an intense week-long class taught by Ben Marks and Vinai Kopp. I learned a lot that week and met some really nice people! I framed the completion certificate and still have it hanging on my wall.

I have a few more that I’ve added since then:

Yes, my office wall is orange. I have a few lanyards from Magento Imagine and Magento Innovate along with some MageShades.

Today, I’m spending my Saturday learning and tinkering with Magento2. I want be ready whenever the M2 Certification comes out (I’ve heard December 2016).

Facebook reminded me of this anniversary date so below are some of the pictures that I took during the 2011 MagentoU class. Time flies!

The hallway at Magento HQ had these pictures hanging on the wall.
More MagentoHQ hallway pictures including one of Bob Schwartz
First floor of MagentoHQ. There was a coin operated bull ride there for some reason.
Upstairs, looking down from the balcony
Random conference room
Looking down from the balcony. The blurry guy waving is Ben Marks
From the upstairs balcony a fake beach scene sits on top of the offices below complete with beach towels, coolers and chairs
The Magento logo. Why doesn’t Magento sell things like this? I’d love to have a Magento light on my wall.
Close-up of the coin-op bull ride. My phone camera wasn’t that great at the time so some of these turned out blurry
Vinai teaching class. I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten more about Magento than I’ll ever know
In class
Sign set up outside of class. The building where the classes were held was right next door to MagentoHQ. There was a print shop downstairs from the MagentoU class that was packing up. During class the room would change slightly throughout the day due to remodeling. Occasionally I’d turn around and think something like “that clock wasn’t hanging there this morning…” or “when did they paint that?” They were like decorating ninjas.
Day 2 or Day 3
View from the hotel

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