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ChatGPT 4o (Omni) is here!

Monday, May 13th, 2024


ChatGPT-4o (Omni) is free for everyone to use but paid users get 5X the usage. Even if you have a free account, go to to see what ChatGPT 4o can do!

There are some awesome new and enhanced features:

Multimodal Capabilities: ChatGPT-4o can handle both text and image inputs. This allows users to upload images and ask the model to analyze or discuss them, offering more interactive and versatile interactions​​.

Voice Interaction: The model now includes advanced voice capabilities. Users can engage in voice conversations with ChatGPT-4o, which can generate human-like audio and transcribe spoken words into text using the Whisper system​​.

Integrated Tools: ChatGPT-4o integrates all GPT-4 tools, including advanced data analysis, DALL·E 3, and built-in browsing capabilities, without needing to switch between them. This provides a seamless user experience, enabling complex multimodal interactions within a single session​.

Extended Context: The context window has been significantly increased, allowing for longer and more coherent interactions. This makes the model more effective for tasks requiring extensive context, such as document analysis​.

Custom Instructions: Users can set specific guidelines for their interactions with ChatGPT-4o, ensuring responses are tailored to their needs. This feature is available to all users and provides greater control over the model's outputs​.

Enhanced Security: For enterprise users, ChatGPT-4o offers enterprise-grade security features, including encryption of conversations and compliance with SOC 2 standards. This ensures that business data is secure and not used for training the model​.

Mobile and Desktop Enhancements: The ChatGPT app for Android and iOS has been enhanced, and a desktop app for macOS has been introduced. These updates improve accessibility and functionality across different platforms​.


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