Zend Certified PHP Engineer

I passed the ZCPE test yesterday on Friday the 13th. I’ve been studying for this test since it was PHP 4 but never felt quite ready enough to attempt it. When I finally passed my Magento Certified Developer test in 2012 I decided to buckle down, study and learn as much as possible about everything php. My history of learning and developing with php goes back to the pre-Y2K bug years. Working with it as my full-time career and on my own time as a hobby made getting this certification important to me.

After the test I had hoped to see a score instead of just “PASSED” but it beats the alternative. It seemed like it went well because everything just clicked into place for me.

I’m not sure what to go for next. I have a LOT of learning to do before I even think about trying for the Zend Framework certifications. I have had my eye on the LPI Linux cert since it came out. Since Linux a large part of my daily life and pretty much everything in my home runs on it (Ubuntu, Crunchbang, Xubuntu, Fedora, etc.) it seems like a good choice. However, I do need to update my Magento MCD to MCD+. They have a couple of new ones now that look interesting.

Magento 1.9 + Gumby 2.6

A co-worker created something in his spare time that I think is pretty amazing. He told me several months ago that he was going to integrate Gumby with Magento’s Blank theme. At first I thought, “Sure, why not?” I didn’t realize he meant that he was going to replace every button and control on top of replacing every page, including the checkout, and make the whole thing Responsive. I would get the occasional late night IM from him asking for some debugging help.

It was common for him to say “ok I’m almost done with it…” followed 10 minutes later with “…but I just want to do a little more to it.”

The end-result of all of his hard work: a responsive, Gumby-enabled Magento theme that’s ready to be skinned. There’s pages that contain all of the various Gumby effects so you can see them inside Magento. He’s giving this back to the Magento community by making it a freely available public Github repo. His hope is that other people will contribute by making their own improvements.

Jason Tipton is a Magento Certified Front-End Developer who never stops learning. You should take the time to see what he’s accomplished with this. You can get it here:


He has it up and running on a subdomain of his FrontLineDev.com blog at http://dev.frontlinedev.com/.